Murder at the Speakeasy - Bathurst

AUD $49.00
  • Duration: 90 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Bathurst, NSW

Whodunnit?  Murder at the Speakeasy

Meet the Craill's, a gangster family mourning for their dearly departed Godfather- gunned down by an unknown hand.

As the family gathers for a memorial service in the local Speakeasy, the conniving family members will stop at nothing to find the location of the missing inheritance and uncover the murderer who committed the wicked deed amongst them.

But beware, the murderer, a button man, still has unfinished business with the Traill's family and friends.

Venture inside the local Speakeasy, encounter the scheming Traill family, pay your respects at this challenging time, uncover a murderer and puzzle out the clues leading to the missing millions.

Can you prevail?  Or find yourself bumped off instead?

Murder at the Speakeasy is part interactive theatre play, part clue hunt, and a deadly murder mystery to solve, all wrapped up in one.

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